Sacrificing the Now for Later

An idea that has been bouncing around my head lately is the notion of sacrificing the now for later. Enduring discomfort and unhappiness now in order to reap the rewards later. Essentially, work hard now so you can benefit later.

This course of action takes no small amount of faith. Nothing in life is guaranteed and you aren’t owed anything. No matter how hard you work. Yet you have to life the rest of your life, and what you do today can echo throughout the rest of your days.

Personally I want to make at least some of my living through writing. Be it novels, blogs or anything else. I remember when I started, just finishing one novel seemed like a task that was too far away. Now looking at the road ahead, it seems impossibly long. Two years ahead seems like a impossibly far time, if your unhappy with your current life.
Yet, two years behind seems like just yesterday. It seems like less time. In two years, once you’ve endured it will also feel like it flew by, despite any current despair you might have. You just have to endure and hope that it gets better.

A quote I heard that I liked once goes something like this, “You have to sacrifice now or suffer later.” It’s the same idea as ripping a bandaid off. Better to get it over with than linger. Pain and discomfort may be intense but everything passes. Work hard and trust that things will improve, that’s all that can be done.

One thing you know for sure is that it won’t get better if you don’t try.
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