The Urgency of Starting Today

Everyone and their mother has heard the cliches and the quotes plastered on twitter, facebook, or their social media of choice. A year from now you’ll wish you started today. The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago and the second best time is today. Etc. Etc. Boil all these down and you get the same conclusion. The best time to start anything is today. Tomorrow is too late.

This post is in a similar vein to the last one but I feel that it is worth writing about all on it’s own. Time passes is weird ways. You feel the days, the weeks, acutely but the months and years tend to creep up unexpectedly on you. This can make starting a new task or trying to reach a goal seem difficult and oh so far away.

Certainly, this is what I ran into when I wanted to start writing novels. Just the first draft of one novel seemed like a huge insurmountable task, months and months of constant, excruciating effort. Then you hear the many measures of time that people say it takes to get good enough to be readable. 3-6 novels. A million words. 10 years of constant writing.

10 years!

That seems like an impossible length of time away. Why even start? It’ll take far too long to get anywhere! This was the thought that held me back, kept me from even starting. Luckily I ran across a notion, a way of changing this already defeated mentality.
The time will pass anyway.

Five years will pass and you’ll wish that you had started five years ago. Whether or not you try, the time will pass. Then why not try? You have to live the days, the weeks, the years. Why not spend them in effort, in the pursuit of a goal, even if it seems too far, out of reach? Why not try to climb the mountain?

The time will pass anyway.

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