The Benefit of Forgiving Yourself

Giving yourself forgiveness. It’s a concept that I’ve heard about from a variety of people and it seems to be good advice, and kind of obvious. If you love someone then you should be able to forgive them. Thus you should be able to forgive yourself.

Yet, I’ve been struggling with this concept today. I did not have a good writing week. In truth it was quite mediocre. I wrote but not as much as I wanted or as I should have. I feel short of my goal. This happens, life gets in the way and there’s nothing you can do about it.

This is not what happened this time. I have no excuse. I had a lot of momentum coming into the week. There was more than enough time for me to get it done, yet I didn’t. I failed myself, I didn’t meet my expectations. If writing is my dream then I failed my dream. I didn’t work hard enough for it. Didn’t want it enough.

I let myself down and there is no one else to blame. It’s easy to get down and negative when this happens. To begin to doubt your own abilities and dedication. To berate yourself and confirm all the doubts swirling in your brain.

Yet none of this helps. None of this gets you back on the right path again. Forgiving yourself will. Forgiving yourself and knowing that next week will be better, that you will be better, is the only way to right the ship. Not that this is easy, but it is possible and worth it. Besides, if there is anyone who you should cut some slack, it’s yourself.

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