My Canadian Dream

Growing up, even in Canada, I heard about the American dream. Get an education, get a good job, raise a family, buy a house with a white picket fence. Etc. Ect. That’s what I was told that I should aspire to.
But is that what I want? Is that my Canadian dream? Certainly it’s what I’ve been told that I should want. Go to university, work hard and follow the path that other have. Get all of these things and you will be happy.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with these things. A good job, a happy family, owning a home. It is not hard to see how these things would bring someone happiness and contentment. But is that the only way? Or is it just the way that has been forced upon me?

This dream does not seem to jive with the world that around me. I live in the greater Vancouver area, a dumpster fire of a real estate market. Housing is likely out of my reach, or so expensive I would have to beggar myself to afford to own. The job market too, is not great, here or anywhere. A endless slog of application and rejections plague that path. Divorce rates too, are high, too high to be risked perhaps.

All in all, chasing this dream at times seems extremely difficult and painful, if not downright impossible. Yet it is what we are told we should aspire to. What is my dream? What should the goals of my life be? To be happy? Content with my life? That seems good enough.

But what would make me happy, If not all these things? Do I need to own my own home? Raise a family? Work a dream job? I don’t know the answer to these questions, though likely I will have to forge my own Canadian dream as the past generation’s is out of reach.

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